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Boutique Diner

Developing a mobile app

As a graphic designer, there are opportunities to design mobile apps. Mobile websites can be a challenge in some respects, whether it’s the layout for the mobile website, the amount of information to put on it, and the appeal of the app. I designed a hypothetical¬† mobile app with a theme of my choice that has access to a few activities to choose from.

Designating a boutique diner

My goal for this mobile app was to design a tropical-Hawaiian themed grab-and-go and diner experience that captures the essence of tropical places like Hawaii. I envisioned a mobile app with a dining feature that serves a similar purpose to a popular platform like DoorDash. The primary objective was to create a seamless and user-friendly application that would not only allow users to order Hawaiian-inspired cuisine for takeout or delivery but also offer an immersive dining experience, both in-person and virtually.

Functioning a mobile app

For this mobile app, I needed to pay attention to not only the app’s design but also to the functionality of one of its provided services, specifically the dining aspect. In my role, I focused on implementing signifiers that enable users to access the dining options. When users click on the dining button, they are directed to a page displaying a list of available food items. After selecting their desired item, users proceed to the order placement section to confirm their order.