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Developing a Database Driven Web App

 I always wanted to learn about JavaScript. As a graphic designer, there is minimal opportunity for coding, so I took the chance to learn this essential language of front & development. At the same time, it was interesting because I was learning something new. JavaScript had its challenges, but the end result can be very rewarding. I designed a hypothetical movie-based website using JavaScript to gather information like the movie database to make it become a legitimate movie website for everyone to see.

Coding Interactivity

My primary goal was to create an action movie website database that not only showcased my graphic design skills but also allowed viewers to explore and learn about specific action movies. I envisioned a website that would serve as a comprehensive resource for movie enthusiasts. The planned features for the website included, movie details, interactive movie images, rating reviews and more.

Object Oriented Programming

The primary focus for this project was JavaScript functionality of the website. We started by using the IMDB database from a website that displayed all the information about the movie, movie genres, the authors and more. 

Programming JavaScript requires to write code flawlessly remember all of the functions, call-to-actions, and making sure that everything was typed correctly and was in the right place. I found this challenge to be very rewarding and enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone.

Coding Functions and Going Live

In this project, I learned multiple functions in JavaScript. The main one being the “const” variable which allows nothing to be changed in that variable. Initially it started with getting the information from the movies from a movie database that shows everything about the movies such as the genre, the release date, and even how many movies there are in each category.

Next step was to get information about the director’s name and a description about who they are which we got from IMDB. Then we use the information we received and command JavaScript to put the information into use. For example, in this project some code used for this assignment in particular was const releaseDate = new Date(data.release_date); After weeks of learning and understanding JavaScript, this JavaScript Database Driven website is functioned and completely done in JavaScript.


Embarking on the journey of using JavaScript for the first time has been a remarkable experience, one that has not only broadened my skill set but also provided profound insights into the dynamic world of web development. It’s a testament to the power of learning, adaptation, and the limitless potential of personal growth in the digital age.

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